What Is Happening In Central Texas : Long Distance House Hunting! First Thing Get A Local Realtor!

Long Distance House Hunting! First Thing Get A Local Realtor!


Regular house-hunting isn't always easy, but adding distance into the mix can present callenges you don't have when looking a few neighborhoods over for your next home.  While it may not be a walk in the park to buy a home from far away, it is possible and very doable!  IF you find a great local agent and follow these steps, you can take away some of the stress that comes with moving long-distance. 


1.  What Is Your Budget? 

You may be surprised when you move to beautiful Central Texas how much you can afford!  Talk to a lender. Get your pre-qualification or better yet pre-approval.  Remember Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (or house hunting)


2.  Start Your Research!

Knowing what is in your neighborhood is something we tend to take for granted.  You know where the best Tex-Mex or Sushi place and exactly what grocery store is closest to your home for those last minute shopping runs. When moving to a new neighborhood,  especially in a new state, it is key to decide what is important to you when it comes to proximity.  Does your new house need to be near a park for your kids or  a dog park for your fur babies? Do you need to be close to a Starbucks for your morning coffee shot?  How close do you want to be from your new job?  Everyone has their own specific wants/needs list, what are yours?  Write it down!  If you are a couple write it down as a couple.  You don't want any surprises when your Honey states they never liked a jacuzzi tub and you thought it would be number one on their list! 


2.  Using Technology To Your Advantage!

Google Maps may not be constantly updated, but checking out an aerial view can give you an idea of what your neighborhood looks like if you don't have the opportunity to travel right away. Getting the lay of the land is just another way to feel comfortable about your new neighborhood.  Which brings up our next recommendation.


3.  Have a Travel Budget

Even if you have a great agent, Andrea Curtis, showing you as many homes as possible, you need to plan for the possibility of making more than one trip to your future home state if you want to see it in person. I highly recommend if you can visit do it!  While you may have adjusted your budget already to purchase a home..see #1...consider factoring in travel costs so you aren't stressed about eating out or gas money during the trips-that way you can focus on finding your new happy home. 


4.  Decide Your Non-Negotiables

We have already touched on this when you made your list of wants and needs.  I would suggest even making this second list of absolutely nots.  Choosing a home from out of town already comes with challenges.  If you're heading in to check out houses and have a weekend filled to the brink with potential home tours, it will make your life easier if all of those homes meet your requirements.  Instead of seeing homes that "might" fit, have your agent remove any houses that have a non-negotiable feature- whether that is no backyard or not enough bathrooms.  It will make the most of your time and remove some of the stress of seeing home that aren't for you. 


5.  Your Local Realtor(R) Is Your Partner-They Want You Happy! 

Don't be afraid to be up front with your likes and dislikes.  You are not going to hurt your Realtor's(R) feelings if a house is not right for you.  This is your house and they want you to be happy.  They cannot make you happy if they don't know what you want or need in a home! 


If you are moving to the Central Texas/ FT Hood Area allow me and my team to assist you.  Helping out of town clients is what we do!  




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