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Your roof is a critical part of your home. Protecting you from the elements all year round, your roof takes the brunt of any weather that passes through your town. That exposure every single day can lead to wear and tear and sometimes repair. Spring in Texas. The FLASH of lightning the CRASH of thunder and of course the high winds and hail! Your poor roof! But Texas is not done yet! Summer is about to hit and nothing says damaging shingles like a 105 degrees.   It is good to check out your roof a couple of times a year. That shingle in your yard from the last windstorm may be from your house or your neighbors. Usually a good walk around a short distance from your home and you can see where damage might be. I DO NOT suggest you get on a ladder and get up on your roof. Leave that to the professionals!   So what should you look for or how do you know if you need to call a professional?

1. It Looks Worn

It might seem obvious, but if your roof looks bad, that might indicate it needs a repair. When your shingles appear damp and worn, it means they’re holding moisture and no longer fully able to do their job. If the shingles are cracked or curling up at the corners, they are at a point that they may fall out and will need fixed or replaced.

2. You Have A Leak

Do you have any ceiling wet stains? Though you may not notice them at first, wet spots can be the first indicator that precipitation is leaking through your roof and into your ceiling. You will want to get this fixed as soon as you notice it to prevent further water damage to your house interior.

3. The Roof Is Sagging

If you roof isn’t in a straight line, it is sagging. This means it is definitely time to call a roofing company because serious structural damage can occur if sagging is not remedied.

4. You Can See The Light

This is the one time you don’t want to see the light - and that is when you are looking up at your roof. If light can penetrate your roof, so can plenty of other things. If you ever have any light leaks, get the crack filled as soon as possible.

If you have one of the above issues and you want to sell your home be proactive. Call a professional roofer and a professional Realtor®. There are many ways a Realtor® can guide you in this and other questions or concerns you may have. After all you hire me to take the stress out of sellng and you hire a roofer to take the stress off of your roof!

Enjoy our beautiful Central Texas weather….and wait 5 minutes for it to change again.

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