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Getting Ready To Sell During Quarantine

If you have plans, or are just considering, putting your house on the market when this is all over, now is the best time to get it ready! What better way to pass the hours and be productive than preparing your house for sale? While some checklist items may be obvious, there may be a few to-do list boxes you aren’t sure you need to check. Here is a list for you to get your house ready for sale!

Start Outside

Take advantage of being outdoors without breaking any local rules. Enjoying the sunshine on your property?  Take a look around your home from roof to landscaping. Now is the best time to spruce up the outside. If you have a power washer, clean your siding and any sidewalks or driveways attached to your home. Boost your curb appeal by mowing the lawn, touching up any landscaping work.

Make Any Repairs

Take care of whatever repairs you can.  Swap out old lightbulbs, fix that window that keeps jamming shut, and patch up any dents or scrapes on your indoor walls.  Dents and scrapes may need a professional touch…it is harder than it looks especially if you have textured walls.

Make Your Home Inviting

If you have any paint on hand, give your front door a fresh coat. Talk to your Realtor® first just in case to make sure that color works with your home and the market. Add a new floor mat (ordered online!) to make your home feel approachable. If a potential buyer doesn’t feel welcome approaching your home, they likely won’t want to live in it.  The old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is absolutely true with homes.

Declutter Your Home

This is the best time to realize how much you actually use items in your home. If you’ve been stuck indoors for several weeks and you still haven’t used an item, add it to your donate or toss pile. Not only is this great to help prepare for sale, but it will help your mental health while you are stuck inside. Clearing clutter is extremely beneficial for many reasons, and it will make your move that much easier.  I was surprised how much clutter I had and I go through my home twice a year!

Clean & Organize Your Home

After you’ve decluttered, it is time to clean and organize. When someone tours your home, they want to feel like it can be theirs. If your home is scattered with items and there is barely room to walk around, it will be hard for them to picture themselves living there. Having your items cleaned and organized will also help you when it is time to pack and move on!  You don’t have to be Cinderella, cleaning a room or two a day will help you keep up with everything.

Eliminate Odors

You are probably craving fresh air anyway, so why not spend those sunny days with every window in the house wide open! This will help eliminate any residual odors you aren’t aware of and it can help keep air flowing while you are using chemical products to deep clean your home. 


Last but not least don’t forget to call me!  I am here to help! Don’t know what your property might sell for click https://www.myagentseller.com/andrea-carla-curtis

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